Welcome to the Rotorua English Language Academy (RELA) Cambridge B2 First (FCE) wiki!
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You will be able to use this wiki to practice B2 First style grammar, vocabulary and skills before and during your B2 First course.

How do you use this wiki?

You simply need to look around and try clicking on things! There are lots of links to webpages that will give you information and English practice.
On the right of this page you will see that there are other pages on this wiki. Click on these to practise different things like grammar, vocabulary and skills, and to find practice exam papers.

You can start by looking at the official Cambridge English website for B2 First, below. It will give you information about the exam and about what benefits there are to having a B2 First certificate. It also has lots of practice materials:

Cambridge English Exams Website

If you have already decided that B2 First is the right course for you and that you want to prepare for it in beautiful Rotorua, New Zealand at our friendly, top quality school, then you have made a great decision!
If not, you can go to our webpage here to enrol now!

Once you have enrolled you will have full access to everything on this wiki AND you will be able to communicate directly with me. My name is Elsa and I am the Director of Studies at RELA. I will advise you on how to prepare before you come, and when you are here.

The Cambridge website has a quick online test you can take which will give you an idea of your level and whether B2 First is a good course for you. If the result is a little lower than you expected don't be discouraged - that just means you will need to plan for some extra preparation time and get started by working on this wiki soon! Try it here and then send me the result privately in a message, if you want to discuss it.